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Community Links is an environmental, service-learning, immersion, volunteer, and international educational organization. Through cross-border, cross-cultural immersion experiences we provide people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to learn about the interconnectedness of our local, national, and global realities. We also teach participants to recognize how our lifestyles, values, choices and consumption patterns affect people, cultures and the environment the world over.

Through our project we work with local NGO's, community leaders, local governments, families, friends, and other organizations at the grassroots, regional, and international levels in order to develop opportunities of encounter and solidarity among people from both hemispheres in the Americas.

Our areas of work focus are:

  1. Environment - organic composting and gardening, reforestation, recycling, greenhouses, water cachement systems with cisterns, composting latrines, solar ovens, litter campaigns, etc.
  2. Community-Based Education - with children, youth and their families focusing on environmental issues.
  3. Fair Trade - catalyzing fair trade opportunities for local producers, creating fair trade partnerships, and promoting the growth of fair trade in the communities where we have a presence.
  4. Social Justice - it all begins with working to create a reality that is just and equitable for all, including the planet.

We work in Mexico (Puebla and Oaxaca), Peru (Lima and Chuquibamba), Bolivia (Cochabamba), and California (San Juan Bautista).